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SEM Group are proud to be the worlds first supporter of the Rewards4Earth Initiative

SEM Group is the first supporter of the world’s first loyalty rewards platform purposely built to save the planet. Think that’s a big claim? Think again.

I’m sure you’re aware, our planet is suffering. But, there’s only so much a renewable energy company can do to help build a more sustainable world for the next generation and of course, our families.

Which is why SEM Group Australia is proud to finally announce that we are fully backing and supporting the Rewards4Earth Initiative. As one of the founding members of the program, we pledge to donate a 1% equal share of every system sold across Australia to both our customers, and the planet through the Rewards4Earth Platform.

Rewards4Earth is an Australian born, philanthropic cause that aims to solve the world’s biggest challenges. Through a token based system that empowers people, like you and I to both earn rewards points and donate to the Rewards4Earth Foundation at exactly the same time.

A world first, that works like any other loyalty rewards program however it allows our customers to use their points at any participating business while doing their part for the environment at the same time.

The best part, is that every transaction between a participating business and a customer (throughout the world) half of the tokens gifted goes to the Rewards4Earth Foundation and the other half goes to the customer to spend elsewhere. The tokens that go to the foundation are invested back into the environment and the community through such causes as Reforestation, Ocean Rejuvenation, Saving Endangered Species, Education, Our Aussie Farmers and more…

This partnership is both inline with our ISO14001:2015 Environmental Accreditation and further cements our commitment to a greener world and is one that we’re very, very proud to support.

You can learn more about the Rewards4Earth Initiative here, download the app here, or sign up to become a supporting business here.