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We’ve got a special just for you.

Through our ongoing partnership with Now Leasing NT, we are able to give all of their landlords a special, for a limited time only.

Whether you need a new split-system, an air-con clean or some electrical work done – we’ve got you covered. Only for a limited time*

*We value your privacy and hate spam too. By submitting this form you are agreeing to allow us to contact you regarding your quote. Offers are only available until October 1st 2021.

Air-Conditioning Cleans

Get a High Pressure Clean for your wall-mount, split-system or RAC unit for $99 

If you have multiple units, get each one after that cleaned for $80


Claim 10% off of quoted lights and fan replacements!

Offer is only available until October 1st 2021!

Air-Conditioning Installs

Being a LG Platinum Air-Conditioning Partner means we can get better prices on LG units, and pass these on to our customers.

With Google Home & Wi-Fi connectivity as standard, LG’s WS & WH range are efficient and smarter than other brands.

*Offer is only available until October 1st 2021 and is subject to site inspection