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Maintain Peak Solar Generation

Wild weather like hail will damage rooftop solar, and results in panels needing to be replaced. Even if your panels show no signs of external damage – they can have microcracks that impact performance and only get worse if left untreated.

Also, solar modules and electrical cabling can degrade over time, and if left untreated will directly affect the efficiency of your system.

Our routine system health check and maintenance packages find and eliminate these problems before they end up costing you.

Better performance

Our quarterly solar system maintenance packages keep your system performing at their best for longer. We’ll make sure your components are free of dust and debris and will check the mechanical integrity of your array structure. We will also inspect all electrical cabling for loose connections and/or corrosion.

Our thorough and qualified team will keep your system running safer and more efficiently for longer.

Routine Maintenance Packages

We provide routine maintenance subscriptions and one-off system service options. If you would like to set up a subscription with us, please send us an email.

Panel Cleaning

Maximum Efficiency


What’s included?

Each solar panel is cleaned, filtering out minerals to ensure streak-free drying. Cleaning your panels protects your system from;

  • Dirt, dust, grime
  • Pollution, expecially if you live in a busy area or near lots of traffic
  • Bird, possum or bat droppings
  • Lichen and salt

Health Check

Ensure your system is safe


What’s included?

What’s included? Full testing and inspection to ensure that your solar system is safe and operating at its optimal performance.

  • Inspect and record inverter readings
  • Make, model and serial number
  • Test of installation
  • VOC and ISC
  • Insulation resistance and irradiance
  • Check for recalled electrical products
  • Check panels for visual defects
  • Check earthing of the array
  • Check rail installation
  • Remove debris and fire hazards
  • Check AC/DC isolators
  • Check AC/DC cable installation
  • Check for roof damage and leaks
  • Supply a full report, with tasks completed
  • Recommendations on any maintenance to be completed

Full System Service

Panel clean + check


What’s included?

Get both your system service and panel clean to ensure your solar system is running at maximum efficiency and is still as safe as the day it was installed.

Save $179

We service both residential and commercial solar systems. The prices listed above are for systems up to 6kW’s. For system sizes over 6kW, please call 1300 033 510.

We provide routine maintenance subscriptions and one-off system service options, so you’re always covered. Chat to our energy experts about our maintenance packages and rest easy knowing that your system will continue to produce maximum renewable energy with minimal downtime.

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