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Solar Monitoring

Having your system’s data and performance available to you allows you to maximise your savings. We offer a range of consumption monitoring options for every system we install in Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Clipsal Cortex allows homeowners to see their real-time electricity consumption in dollars, not kilowatts.

See your return on investment, calculate the best retailer for you and future-proof your home with predictive battery sizing.

Solar Analytics is the premium way to monitor your energy consumption. Not only does it show what your solar is generating in real-time, but what appliances are using your energy. Solar Analytics also works on 3G/4G networks and thus doesn’t require a WiFi-connection at your inverter.

SolarEdge’s monitoring option, known as MySolarEdge, allows you to view your system’s performance, generation and compare this data. SolarEdge monitoring can even be used to control your smart home devices and EV charging from anywhere. This is why SEM chooses SolarEdge

Fronius’ own solar monitoring app, Solar.Web, relies on a smart meter being installed within your switchboard to monitor your inverter and system’s generation. While this is good to maintain your system’s health, it does not have the in-depth benefits of Solar Analytics.

Sungrow offer their own monitoring consumption app that allows customers with a Sungrow inverter to keep track of their solar generation. iSolarCloud can be accessed on a portal or via the app, and is a reliable option for budget-conscious homeowners.

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