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Why SEM Group Chooses SolarEdge

With continuing increases to the price of electricity, we are seeing more and more people choosing solar – why not choose SolarEdge?

Having designed and installed over 500 SolarEdge systems across Australia, we know why people choose them. Read below for our comprehensive review of why we recommend SolarEdge to our residential and commercial clients.

SolarEdge 500

Optimised Systems 

Compared to a SolarEdge solution, traditional string systems seem archaic. In these systems, if one panel is damaged, dirty or partially shaded it will impact the efficiency of all the panels in that string. This hinders your system’s performance and will end up minimising your savings in the long-run.

However, with a SolarEdge power-optimised system, each panel’s output is managed individually. Meaning if one is shaded, faulty or dirty, your whole system isn’t.

This optimised solution means in the unlikely event of a fault, the individual panel will shut itself off rather than keep impacting the panels around it, making it both safer and more efficient.

Another reason we love SolarEdge is the opportunity it gives our designers to fit the most panels on a roof. An optimised system allows us to fit panels both horizontally and vertically, as well as on different sides of the roof. This freedom can make your system and savings much larger.

Products & Warranties

SolarEdge offers a comprehensive range of products to suit each homeowners’ specific needs and budget.

One of the things that attracts our customers to these SolarEdge products is their generous warranties. SolarEdge offer industry-leading 25-year warranties on power optimisers and 12-year warranties on inverters (which can be extended to 25-years).

With a track record of low failure rate on our SolarEdge installations and these warranties, SolarEdge customers can rest assured knowing they’re covered.

Consumption Monitoring

For a more detailed analysis of how your energy is being consumed you will need ‘consumption monitoring’.

Not only does this tell you how much energy is being produced and exported to the grid, it allows a more comprehensive insight into what appliances are using.

This can then be used to help estimate your system’s efficiency and what you can expect from your next bill.  

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mySolarEdge can be accessed on  your smart phone, allowing you to keep track of your system’s production anytime, anywhere. 

You can use the app to compare your current production to past measurements, and gain real-time insights into your energy use.

Pairing mySolarEdge with your smart home applicances means you can use it to control them remotely and further maximise your savings. Meaning you can turn your air-conditioner on before you leave work to ensure your home is cool when you arrive!

Our Installations

We have over 500 SolarEdge Installations across Australia. Ranging from small residential systems, to 200kW installations for Coles. No matter the size of the system, we recommend SolarEdge to those looking for premium quality, the safest option and the best technology.

Customer Testimonials