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Solar in 2021 – New Rebates, Tariffs and Products

Solar is a constantly changing, heavily contested industry Рit can be hard to know who and what to believe. 

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So… whats new?

Well, what isn’t?

With a plethora of manufacturers bringing out ‘new and improved’ products, government rebates changing every year and electricity retailers offering different feed-in-tariffs, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to solar.

Research is king, so these are some things to consider going into 2021:

Reducing Government Rebates

While they’re not going anywhere until 2030, government rebates for residential solar installations are dropping by 10% annually, meaning the longer you put-off getting solar, the more you will end up paying.

Let’s crunch some numbers..

If you install a common 6.6kW system in 2020, you receive roughly $3700 in government rebates. However, if you wait until the new year – you will lose approximately $333. This could be even more as STC prices fluctuate depending on market conditions.

If there is a large influx of solar being purchased (as there is late in the year) STC prices drop.

SolarQuotes.com.au have developed a helpful calculator to see how much you will lose specific to your area, click here

So who will end up paying more? The customer

SEM Group are offering eligible homeowners the ability to keep these 2020 prices well into 2021 – meaning they save even if their system is installed in 2021. For a free and easy quote fill out the form below ūüĎá

Brett Adams, Co-Director of SEM Group Australia, is giving a seminar highlighting new technology in March 2021! 

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LG MonoX 

LG are the premium name in solar. While some were deterred by the price of their flagship panel, the NeON2 – LG have listened and come out with the MonoX.

Still backed by the most trusted panel manufacturer and boasting a 12-year warranty, LG’s MonoX caters for those wanting reliability at a cheaper price.

To get a quote from NT LG Installer of the Year 2019 & QLD LG Installer of the Year 2019 (finalist), get a free quote:

TESLA PowerWall2 

TESLA continue to be industry-leaders when it comes to home battery storage.

The viability of residential battery storage gaining more traction as prices begin to fall.

The success of their PowerWall2 battery is sure to continue into 2021 and beyond with a pledge from Elon Musk claiming that TESLA plans to halve the unit’s price by 2025.¬†

SolarEdge Inverters & Power Optimisers 

SolarEdge are world-renowned for reliability. This goes for all of their inverters, power-optimisers and panels.

Optimised systems don’t have the same issues as traditional string-systems, where one panel’s performance can hinder overall energy production.

Also, with¬†MySolarEdge you can track your system’s output, how much energy you are exporting and evenly remotely control your home appliances for maximum savings. Learn more


One of the most common questions we are asked post-install is in regards to feed-in-tariffs.

Luckily, there is an easy solution. we have partnered with Compare Your Bills who offer an integrated service to provide you simplicity when choosing the best retailer for you.

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