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Premium Solar Inverters

It is important to invest in an inverter brand and installer you trust. With nearly a decade of experience installing solar across Australia, we know which solar inverters are best for Brisbane, Adelaide and Darwin homes.

SolarEdge are the premium brand of inverters and we have a great track record with them. Having over 500 SolarEdge installations, SEM Group know that they offer some of the best inverters for Brisbane, Darwin and Adelaide.  This is why SEM chooses SolarEdge

Fronius are probably the most well-known brand of inverter on the market. Being such a trusted name, we recommend Fronius for those worried about warranties – being covered by their 10-year (5+5) product warranty.

SMA are one of the oldest names in solar. Since their conception in 1981, they have supplied inverters to countless homes across the world. In our experience, SMA inverters rarely have issues, and while they can be premium-priced, you get what you pay for.

Enphase’s micro-inverters enable each panel to work independently, as opposed to a traditional string-system. An advantage of this is if one panel’s performance is hindered, your whole system isn’t. While a bit more expensive than a traditional inverter, Enphase’s microinverters allow for greater system size and production.

Sungrow are a Chinese-based company with a large stake in the renewables sector, not simply solar. Their solar inverters are known for being affordable and reliable.

GoodWe inverters offer a great variety of inverters in a range of sizes for single and three-phase properties. With an affordable range and hybrid capabilities, Goodwe are a great option for future-proofing your system at a cheaper price.

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