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Getting Your Power Factor Right

The team at SEM doesn’t do things by halves. We’re committed to delivering state-of-the-art technology, alongside our world-class workmanship guarantee.

What is Power Factor Correction?

Your power factor is a measurement of wasted energy that is required to run your electrical systems but is still charged by your electrical utility company. Simply, a property with a low power factor draws more current than a property with a high power factor. Improving your power factor means you can reduce your electricity bills by lowering your peak demand and capacity charges.

Ways to improve your power factor

The professional team at SEM can help you avoid power losses and voltage drops by lowering your peak demand and capacity charges. Having our experts correct your power factor will also help you avoid costly infrastructure upgrades. You’ll be less likely to have appliances overheating or failure of motors and other equipment. Plus, it helps you reduce your electrical bills and improve your efficiency stability.

How’s it work?

In a commercial setting, there are many appliances that require a magnetic field to run, such as; motors, transformers, fluorescent ballasts or any other receivers whose current is ‘phase-shifted’ in relation to the voltage. All of this type of equipment is powered by what is known as reactive energy.

Reactive energy (expressed in kilovar-hours – kVArh) is billed in the same way as active energy by energy suppliers. Reactive energy therefore results in much more power being used than is necessary and thus contributes to higher electricity bills.

Reducing your reactive energy through one of SEM Group’s power factor correction installations can reduce your utility bills, reduce the need for costly infrastructure upgrades and reduce the load on your electrical systems providing more longevity for your current infrastructure.

Our Power Factor Correction System…

  • Reduce KVA power demand and associated electricity costs.
  • Minimise waste in electricity consumption.
  • Prevent additional supply authority penalty charges.
  • Recover lost cable capacity enabling the installation of additional equipment.
  • Reduce heat losses in cables and electrical equipment.
  • Reduce demand on power stations which reduces toxic greenhouse gasses.

SEM Group technicians can perform a full survey of your power systems and provide a brief report and recommendation on a suitable power factor correction system, specially designed for your commercial property.

Get in touch with us and one of our team will speak to you about what we can do to minimise waste in electricity consumption.

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