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What is Energy Monitoring and why is it important?

Want to know exactly how much energy your system is producing? Want to know how much energy you’re consuming? What about remotely controlling your appliances to save power?

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What is Energy Monitoring?

As the solar industry has continued to change over recent years, largely driven by the adoption of new technology, we have seen the emergence of energy monitoring. But what is it? And why is it important? Find out more about mySolarEdge below.

Energy Monitoring is the collection of data in regards to how much energy your solar system is producing, and how it is being used. It comes in two forms; standard inverter production monitoring and more detailed consumption monitoring. 

The first of these two options comes embedded within an inverter and can tell you how much energy your system is generating and displays any error messages associated with your inverter. Some of these inverters come with an app that allows users to easily read and understand this information.

What is Consumption Monitoring?

For a more detailed analysis of how your energy is being consumed you will need ‘consumption monitoring’. Not only does this tell you how much energy is being produced and exported to the grid, it allows a more comprehensive insight into what appliances are using and how much you can expect to save on your next electricity bill. 

These can come in the form of additions of ‘Smart Meters’ that can be added to your system both during the installation process and after it. All the information can be accessed through an app on either your mobile or desktop – one such app is mySolarEdge.

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mySolarEdge App

mySolarEdge lets you; track and control your energy use and production in real-time, as well as monitor your system’s performance and remotely control home appliances. 

Wondering if you left the lights on? You can check and turn them off on your way to work! Want your air-conditioning going so you have a cool home when you arrive? You can!

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