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Clipsal Cortex

Clipsal Cortex allows homeowners to see their real-time electricity consumption in dollars, not kilowatts.

See your return on investment, calculate the best retailer for you and future-proof your home with predictive battery sizing.

Get more out of your solar with Clipsal Cortex

Track your savings

Clipsal Cortex measures the electricity consumed by your appliances and shows it to you in an easy-to read format.

Find your best plan

Get a Retail Plan Check so you can get the most out of your existing retailer or make a switch and save on a new plan!

See investment returns

Cortex is the only app that tracks your solar savings compared to your initial investment, so you can see how much you have saved overall.

Future-Proof your home

Cortex will look at your energy usage and tell you how much a battery could save you, and help you know when’s the right time to invest

Tracking your savings, made simple

Getting solar on your roof but not getting monitoring is only solving part of the puzzle. To truly get the most out of the energy your solar produces, it is a good idea to know how you are using it. 

Having insight into what appliances are consuming energy at different points of the day allows you to take better steps to minimising what you draw from the grid – saving you more money in the long run.

Cortex also showcases better options for electricity retailers and how much you could be saving with a battery based on your own electricity bill post-install. 

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