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LG Electronics Australia Supports Bushfire Relief Efforts

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The company will donate $500,000 to WIRES Wildlife Relief Fund and hosted LG Twins baseball exhibition match and fan event to further support the cause via a fundraising drive

In photo from left to right: Mr. Dan Lim, Managing Director of LG Electronics Australia; Jenn Rhodes, WIRES Australia representative; Mr. Ryu, LG Twins Director ; Mark Marino, CEO of Baseball New South Wales; Stephan Bali, MP for Blacktown

SYDNEY, 26 February 2020 — LG Electronics Australia today announced the company is donating $500,000 to help with animal conservation efforts. The donation follows the disastrous bushfires that impacted the country and its wildlife earlier this year.

The recent bushfires have impacted the lives of thousands of Australians, businesses and dozens of towns throughout the country. An estimated one billion native animals were also killed during the bushfires and more than 11 million hectares of habitat — an area comparable to the size of South Korea — has been affected across all states and territories.

The donation by LG Electronics Australia will significantly bolster the emergency ‘WIRES Wildlife Relief Fund’ for frontline wildlife rescue and volunteer groups. The fund provides immediate assistance to cover the costs associated with the rescue and care of animals affected by fire, drought and extreme weather conditions. The LG donation will increase funds available for donation to $1.5 million.

Licensed rescue groups and carers licensed as individuals can apply for funds to cover the costs of animal food, medical supplies, veterinary needs and equipment.

Mr. Dan Lim, Managing Director of LG Electronics Australia said, “The Australian bushfires were an unprecedented disaster and one that has deeply affected LG Electronics, our staff and partners. The work being undertaken by WIRES is extremely important to us. It pains us to see the devastation that has occurred.

“LG Electronics is also looking at other ways in which we can actively and positively help groups such as WIRES and these communities affected by bushfires. We hope to make further announcements in the near future.”

LG Electronics announced it will also match dollar-for-dollar any employee donation made to

WIRES as part of its ongoing employee engagement program.

LG Twins baseball team join bushfire rescue efforts

Meanwhile, the LG Twins baseball team, currently training in Australia for their summer camp, hosted a fan meeting event on 22nd February ahead of an exhibition match. Prior to the game, fans had a chance to meet the players, snap photos and receive signatures.

The LG Twins play in the South Korean national league and are one of the most-followed teams in

South Korea — with an estimated fan base of more than one million people.

All money raised from the exhibition match will also be donated to WIRES for animal rehabilitation and habitat conservation programs.

The fan event and exhibition game was held at Blacktown International Sports Park, Eastern Road, Rooty Hill. Mr. Dan Lim announced LG Electronics Australia’s donation of $500,000 to WIRES at this event.

For more information please visit LG Electronics Australia at www.lg.com/au/.