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SEM Announces: Our Commitment to a Greener World

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What could a greener world look like? Some, would say that it’s an ideology popularised by commentary surrounding global warming. Although, in 1957 the concept Green World, was first defined by literary critic Northrop Frye. The concept of Green World, to contrast the civilized world of man with the natural, often harsh, natural world.

Over the last decade, a Green World has more broadly illustrated sustainable business and lifestyle practices, and ethical decision making on the long term effects our industrialisation has on the environment.

Steadfast industrial pace towards continued effects on the environment, what can we do within our immediate households and communities to reduce our footprint on the overwhelming fate of our ecosystem?

One of the actions we can take is Renewable Solar Energy. Our ecosystem is being affected by the levels of fossil fuels, emitting greenhouse gases. Solar energy is a type of energy that can be harnessed, diminishing our fossil fuels and mitigating global warming. It’s important to us at SEM that we take action in our community and daily operations towards a more sustainable future.

We are pleased to announce our 1 Tree per 1KW Program as part of our Commitment to a Greener World.

From July 1st, we pledge to plant 1 tree for every 1 Kilowatt installed. We will partner with local schools and communities to match tree saplings with the children of our surrounding localities.

As the single most important issue of the next century, at SEM, we believe it’s the duty and responsibility of every generation to ensure we enable the future prosperity of our local and global community. We are taking action with this Program to interact with school students and local community providers to play a small part in reversing the effects of climate change and provide education around the options of renewable energy sources.

This program supports our mission of being Australia’s leading solar energy management companies, committing with action, inspiring our communities and younger generations with the education to prosper in a cleaner, greener and brighter future.

If you’re an organisation or school that would like to be involved in our commitment to a greener world, please contactbrett@semgroupaus.com.au.