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EV Chargers

Electrical Vehicle Chargers

With the ongoing prevalence of electric vehicles (EVs) in the Australian market, your next car may be electric.

If this is the case, you will want the products necessary to charge your car at home. This means getting an EV charger installed.

Electric Vehicle Chargers We Offer

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector

We can supply and install TESLA EV Chargers for your home and/or business. TESLA’s own electric vehicle chargers can be installed at single phase, or three phase properties and can work alongside a TESLA PowerWall 2.

The TESLA Wall Connector is equipped with Wi-Fi to communicate with local site routers, vehicles, mobile devices, other Wall Connectors, and other Tesla products.

If you own a TESLA Electric Vehicle, you will want your charger to maximise its output. Using a TESLA Gen 3 Wall Connector means you can get up to 71km more range per hour of charging.

  • Regular Updates from Tesla Motors
  • Remotely controllable with the Tesla Mobile App
  • No ongoing maintenance
  • Flexible placements options within your home/garage
  • Straightforward interface

SolarEdge EV Charging Single-Phase Inverter

The SolarEdge EV Charger and Solar Inverter combines solar and grid power to charge your electric vehicle faster.

This solution allows for instant use of your solar to charge your vehicle. Utilising SolarEdge’s industry-leading 99% efficiency the EV Charging Single-Phase inverter helps to maximise self-consumption.

Streamline your solar to your car with a SolarEdge EV Charging Single-Phase inverter.

  • Combines solar and grid power for faster charging
  • Supports network connectivity and can be used on SolarEdge’s monitoring platform
  • Compact and easy to install indoors or outdoors
  • All-in-one unit for solar and EV charging
  • Maximises solar self-consumption and efficiency

MyEnergi Zappi

Myenergi’s Zappi is a smart EV charger that integrates with the solar on your roof. It comes with a range of charging modes that can utilise 100% renewable energy that is generated from the solar panels on your roof. This helps increase the return-on-investment you get on your solar and your electric vehicle.

  • Range of charging options for more flexibility
  • Comes in 7kW & 22kW options for single and three-phase properties
  • Is compatible with all EVs
  • Can be scheduled to charge to make benefit of off-peak charges – saving you more

Wallbox Quasar

Wallbox Quasar was engineered to transform electric vehicles into moving solar batteries. The Wallbox Quasar has bidirectional charging technology, meaning you can charge and discharge your electric vehicle, allowing you to power your home or the grid with your car battery. With Quasar, your EV battery is not just for driving, it also gives your home power.

  • Bidirectional technology allows for charging AND discharging of electric vehicle battery
  • Easy-to-operate 
  • Smallest DC charger on the market and connects to home network via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 4G
  • Can be scheduled to charge to make benefit of off-peak charges – saving you more

Pairing Your EV Charger With Solar

With rising fuel prices, the idea of running your car essentially for free has never been more appealing.

Pairing your newly installed EV Charger with a solar system enables you to charge your car with energy from the sun.

At SEM Group, we can supply and install a solar system to cover your home’s electrical and car’s energy needs.

This can be matched to essentially any budget, roof orientation or product choice to make sure your system is tailored to you.

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$3000 Queensland Government Electric Vehicle Rebate

On the 15th of March 2022, the Queensland Government announced an initiative to give a $3000 subsidy to customers purchasing an EV under $58,000.

This comes as fuel prices are reaching record highs across the state. This makes the switch to an electric vehicle more enticing.

Coupling this $3000 subsidy with your home solar system and EV Charger could mean you never have to pay for fuel again!